giovedì 2 novembre 2017

"Paolo Scini" Gruppo Rievocazione Storica Feldgrau Gruppe

Di nuovo nel mondo del renact (per me fonte sempre di grande ispirazione)per il mio ultimo 1/6, questa volta con l'attivissimo gruppo italiano "Feldgrau Gruppe" e precisamente una foto che ritrae l' Unterscharführer Paolo Scini alias "Paulus Maybach".Ho cercato di far assomigliare il figurino il più possibile al soggetto nella foto , non so se ci sono riuscito del tutto ma come sempre è stato un piacere e una soddisfazione lavorare a questo soggetto.Un saluto affettuoso al grande Paolone e spero ti piaccia.
Again in the world of renact (for me always a source of great inspiration) for my last 1/6, this time with the very active Italian group "Feldgrau Gruppe" and precisely a picture portraying the Unterscharführer Paolo Scini alias "Paulus Maybach" . I tried to make the figures look as close as possible to the subject in the picture, I do not know if I managed everything but as always it was a pleasure and a satisfaction to work on this subject. A greeting affectionate to the great Paolone and I hope you like it.

lunedì 24 aprile 2017


Thomas Weise,Gruppo rievocazione storica 2.Kp. Pionier Batailon 
"Foto by Arianna Drago"

For the first time I decided to make an ACTION without inspiring me to photographs or historical characters, in fact long ago farting me in the fb page of the Historical Recall Group Pioneer Batailon I found interesting and one particularly impressed me, the photo in question was that of thomas weise during a photographic set. I tried to make the figure more resembling the subject in the photo for both physical features and wear worn , I hope to have succeeded. I take this opportunity to thank the whole 2kp Group. Pioneer Batailon for availability and support and in particular Thomas for all his precious uniformological info and for the great patience in answering all of my curiosity and requests during the whole creation of the Figurine.
Bye, see you soon .

venerdì 24 marzo 2017


Wundshammer graduated from 1933 to 1936 as a chemigraph and gravure photographer in Cologne. He worked as a journalist among others (WESTBILD), as a sports reporter , war narrator and as a journalist . From 1937 he was a reporter of the Reichsportbundes in Berlin.
As a member of a propaganda company of the Luftwaffe, he was one of the most important and well-known picture reporters and reporters in the service of the National Socialist regime during the Second World War alongside Hilmar Pabel , Hanns Hubmann and Alfred Tritschler . From 1942 to 1945 he belonged to the editor (editor) of the NS-Auslandspropagandaillustrierten signal .
After the war, he was able to continue his career as a reporter of the magazine Quick and editor-in-chief of the celebrity book Revue (until 1952). With his recordings of post-war propaganda such as Konrad Adenauer , Franz Josef Strauss [3] , Romy Schneider or Arndt von Bohlen and Halbach , he significantly contributed to the German press photography. In addition, he worked as a fashion photographer and early on explored the possibilities of color photography . A large part of his photographic legacy is in the possession of the archives of the Prussian Cultural Heritage in Berlin.

mercoledì 12 ottobre 2016

"Jochen" Peiper Ardenne 44

finally i completed my diorama, the largest I've ever done so far, I am very happy to share with you this project .The hs of soldierstory was painted by Vettius64 (top quality in the world ) aspect of your criticism and comments 

venerdì 8 luglio 2016

LAH The Defender of Normandy

LAH The Defender of Normandy

I really like to take inspiration from the 1/35 scale, I thank my master Vettius64 for his patience in answering my many questions ... thank that master Loco-ss for feedback and inspiration, and of course the OSS group!